Women Changing Trucking

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Here we see a video about women changing trucking. If they are, it is a slow and painful process, working through the male domination which characterises our industry. This video first appeared on the SBS news show, The Feed.

There may not be a significant amount of women working on the front line in trucking but there are changes a foot and these pioneering women represent a vanguard for many more to come. The trucking culture in Australia can be a daunting and unwelcoming place at times, but we are suffering a drastic driver shortage. We should be welcoming keen people wanting to get into our industry with open arms. We cannot afford to let things remain as they are today.

More women in the industry will change the culture within fleets, but perhaps it’s about time there was a change. We are nearly twenty years into the 21st century and working with a mid-twentieth century mind-set. 

These women are being pioneers at the moment, but it will need a lot more females to follow them to make a realistic difference in the trucking industry culture. They all talk about having to deal with men in the workplace and the issues which can arise.

We can only encourage more of their kind to get onboard and move the trucking industry forward.


women changing trucking