ensuring freight and critical infrastructure remain up and running
Diesel Workshop, Specification

Freight and Critical Infrastructure Remain Up and Running

In the midst of unprecedented events that have beset the global economy, essential services such as trucking and Australia’s construction …
disc brake inspection guide
Braking Maintenance, Diesel Workshop, Rotors

Disc Brake Inspection Guide

While certainly not new, air disc brakes are a quickly growing portion of the heavy vehicle braking systems, this is …
monitoring fatigue and distraction
Diesel Workshop, Safety

Monitoring Fatigue and Distraction

Many trucking operators are biting the bullet and using technology as a way of monitoring fatigue and distraction and being …
taking the weight out of livestock crates
Axles, Diesel Workshop, Tech Know, Wheel Ends

Taking the Weight out of Livestock Crates

Many operators are looking at taking the weight out of livestock crates to help improve productivity. New materials and lighter …
understanding Side Underrun Protection
Diesel Workshop, Safety

Understanding Side Underrun Protection

An effective measure that trucking operators can implement to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users when sharing the road …
battery selection, the right battery for the job
Battery, Diesel Workshop

Battery Selection, the Right Battery for the Job

Consider the pros and cons of each model and the features and benefits they offer, when considering battery selection, the …
living with AEB
Braking, Diesel Workshop, EBS, Truck Braking

Living with AEB

The trucking industry is going to have to learn about living with AEB, when it becomes a required system on …
using truck maintenance data for CoR
Diesel Workshop, Maintenance Schemes, Workshop

Using Truck Maintenance Data for CoR

There has been a change in emphasis of responsibility for those working on the maintenance of truck, in terms of …
holding back electric truck development
Electric Power, News

Holding Back Electric Truck Development

One of the ongoing issues which is holding back electric truck development is the battery technology available. This is a …
a zero-emission heavy duty truck
Electric Power, News, Trucks

A Zero-Emission Heavy Duty Truck 

The Nikola Tre is a zero-emission heavy duty truck aimed at markets outside of North America. Manufactured by Iveco in …
keeping it safe in brake operations
Braking, Braking Maintenance, Diesel Workshop

Keeping it Safe in Brake Operations

For what is such an essential part of a well-maintained and safe vehicle, it is vital to get it right …